Alexia (Daksha Damini) is a passionate Yogini, social entrepreneur and spiritual activist with a big love for raw chocolate. Her Yoga path started on a truth-seeking quest in India at the age of 18. She has since trained in various Yoga styles, studied with different lineages and eventually rooted herself in the Non- Dual Tantrik View & Integrated Himalayan Kriya tradition with a strong focus on the sacred feminine. Alexia is the founder of ALKEMY Yoga & Healing Studios in Vienna + ONLINE and ALKEMY Akademy , and Co-Founder of Shakti Academy, a female empowerment & Yoga teacher training school.   With her vast knowledge and dedication to Yoga, classical Tantra, Bhakti, Divination and Healing Arts Alexia has guided thousands of students on deep self-discovery journeys. She leads empowering and nurturing healing circles in the form of Yoga teacher trainings, Retreats and Festivals and loves taking seekers on Sacred Pilgrimages to India. Sharing wisdom from the source has become a core pursuit in her life. Alexia is based in Vienna, Austria.


Instagram: @yogalexia