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WalkGood LA


WalkGood LA is a family run non-profit organization that brings people together from all walks of life to fight for racial equity and heal in solidarity through the arts, health, and wellness. Recognizing the need for community healing after the racial strife suffered by Black and brown people in 2020, WalkGood’s founder Etienne Maurice joined forces with his sister the Vice President of WalkGood LA, Ivy Coco and his cousin, Director of Health and Wellness, Marley Ralph to provide a space of healing through community based yoga classes, running groups, hiking, and various wellness activations in the city of LA. WalkGood LA has become a safe haven for Los Angelinos since its inception in June 2020 and has been featured in publications such as the LA Times and BuzzFeed News. WalkGood LA is a devoted homage to their Jamaican heritage and grandmother who always reminded them to “Walk Good,” a Jamaican euphemism, meaning good fortune, safe travels, and well being.

Instagram: @walkgoodla

Upcoming Retreats - March 17 - 22, 2022 - Roots & Culture in Jamaica 


Etienne Maurice - Founder & CEO of WalkGood LA 

Etienne Maurice is a Los Angeles native, born to a Jamaican-American mother and an Afro-European father. Etienne is a filmmaker, actor, and activist, who is dedicated to using his creative passions for social change. Etienne‘s mission is to build his community in the virtual and physical space through the arts, health, and wellness. Outraged by the injustices against Black and Brown people, he initiated WalkGood LA. Recognizing the need for social recovery, Etienne joined forces with his sister, Ivy Coco, lifestyle influencer, and cousin, Marley Ralph, yoga master, to offer impactful wellness activations and healing modalities throughout the Greater Los Angeles community.

Instagram: @walkgoodetienne 

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Ivy "Coco" Maurice - Vice President of WalkGood LA 

Ivy “Coco” Maurice is a forthright bloggerpreneur (blogger + entrepreneur), host, journalist and activist who believes in standing out because “fitting in” is not her forte. The 27 -year old graduated from Syracuse University in 3 years at the age of 20 with a major in Economics and a concentration in Retail Management. Her works are featured in outlets such as Ebony, Essence, Lonny Magazine and Vogue.  She is known for serving looks on her lavish Instagram page, but she also serves her community as the Vice-President of WalkgoodLA, a non profit organization that she runs along with her brother, Etienne Maurice, and cousin, Marley Ralph. Together the trio is a family bringing people together from all walks of life to fight for racial equity through the arts, health and wellness. 


Ivy Coco, recently launched her own lifestyle line, The House of Ivy,  bringing life back to her grandmother’s Jamaican atelier, Ivy Ralph Designs. Her mission is to make a global impact showcasing and enhancing Jamaica’s cultural creations that her grandmother designed in the 70's.

Instagram: @ivycoco23


Marley Ralph aka Namaste Marley Rae - Director of Health and Wellness of WalkGood LA 


Born in Los Angeles, CA, Marley Rae has found a beautiful marriage between community organizing and her yoga practice. During the height of the 2020 Black Lives Matter Movement and COVID-19 pandemic, Marley found her voice as a leader of social justice through the art of yoga. Marley serves as the Director of Health and Wellness with her family owned non-profit WalkGoodLA, a community based organization which focuses on healing the traumas of Black and Brown people due to systemic oppression and racial injustice. Marley is now a featured instructor on the blazing startup wellness app O-P-E-N and teaches independent weekly flows at Maverick Community located in Playa Vista, CA. 


Instagram: @namastemarleyrae