MAY 7 - 14, 2022


Join Steph Rae to experience liberation, love and pure pleasure in a week of adventuring in one of the most magical places in the world, Peru!!! Not only will you experience the magnificent aliveness that occurs when you are immersed in nature’s world wonders but you will also experience profound healing, laughter and joy in deep connection.


This group will become your family as we hold each other, dance, laugh, uncover our deepest desires, surrender into our infinite love and work through deep tantric healing processes. By the end of this week together, you will feel like you are emerging as the most vibrant, alive and joyful embodiment of the truth of your soul! 


The 70-mile narrow strip of land, in the Peruvian Andes, that runs roughly from the old imperial capital of Cusco to the enigmatic citadel of Machu Picchu remains a place of eerie natural beauty. Against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks, the fertile river valley winds below steep forests and ancient agricultural terraces while the mountain light at dusk gives the landscape an otherworldly glow. Many locals still speak Quechua -- the language of the Incas.  
There are endless opportunities to explore its natural landscapes as well as the living and ancient cultures. You can do so by road or, preferably, on foot, mountain bike or horseback. 


In the middle of a majestic natural environment, surrounded by mountains and ancient culture, grows Samadhi, our retreat centre - which means a union with the divine. Designed with sacred geometry, Samadhi will submerge you in the universe of "los Chakras", walking through the Kundalini and wrapping you in its spaces, colors, textures, flavors and art adapted for the energy central, to know and explore your essence. Samadhi is a fully-equipped retreat centre with areas dedicated to meditation and art, a multifunction room, a yoga deck with a dazzling view of the sacred valley, and an organic garden where you can learn about the qualities of plants that are native to the area, and around the Andes Mountains. 


  • 7 nights accommodation at our beautiful retreat centre Samadhi Sacred Valley

  • Roundtrip group airport transfer 

  • All Meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner (with select fruits & vegetables grown in the property's backyard) with the exception of breakfast on Machu Picchu day tour 

  • Yoga and workshops led by Stephanie Rae

  • Machu Picchu full day tour including bus pick-up from hotel, train & local bus tickets, local guide, and entry to this spectacular sacred Incan site ($500 USD value)

  • Rainbow Mountain full day tour including private bus pick-up from hotel, breakfast, lunch and hike guide

  • Visit to Arin Waterfall overlooking Sacred Valley

  • Visit to Maras Salt Mines - Comprised of over 2,000 small salt wells, the "Salineras de Maras" have provided a steady source of salt for residents of Peru's Sacred Valley since potentially before the days of the Inca

  • Hike around the Sacred Valley - Explore Samadhi’s beautiful mountainous backyard, the local farms and the nature that surrounds it

  • A visit to the local market of Pisac in Cusco where indigenous Quechua communities from the surrounding highlands come to sell their products

  • Native Despacho Ceremony - Led by a Shaman from the Indigenous Quechua tribe, a Despacho is a prayer bundle or offering of gratitude to Mother Earth (Pacha Mama) & Mountain Spirits; a focused, formal way to "dispatch" your prayers off to the powers that be. Despacho rituals are designed to align, balance and harmonize the three levels of consciousness: Yankay (the physical universe), Yachay (the spirit or wisdom center), and Munay (the feeling or heart centre). The despacho holds symbolic elements and the prayers of the participants. As the elements are added to the despacho, the vibration of the participants and the room raises. The despacho becomes a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing. The ceremony is concluded by burning the despacho bundle over a bonfire conveying the gifts to Spirit

  • Sound Healing Bath - Everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency. The practitioner uses musical instruments like singing bowls, gong, flute and others in specific rhythms and frequencies to downshift your brain from the beta state (normal consciousness) to the theta state (relaxed consciousness) and even the delta state (where internal healing can occur).

  • Optional add-on ($) for one extra night in Cusco at the end of the retreat (includes transportation), to explore the city of Cusco with Adzenture Retreats and other retreaters

  • Bonfires

  • Planting Trees - We're planting 2 trees to give back to Mother Earth (Pachamama). If you'd like to plant more trees, you can buy more trees at check out! 


What to expect from Stephanie's classes?

We will be combining Breathwork, Active Meditation, Yoga and Movement together to create an embodied experience into our mind, body and soul. We will journey through the chakras and you will leave with a knowledge of how to find and maintain balance. You will feel expansion as we fill our body with breath and melt away years of tension, stress and any tightness lingering in your body from our adventures. You will learn how to create a home practice of meditation and Breathwork. We will be dancing and enjoying our bodies coming back to our childlike essence of fun, wonder and freedom.

Ecstatic Tantra Heart Opening Workshop

Embodied Breathwork + Cacao Ceremony to peel back the armour and protection you have built around your heart. This process is gentle and yet very deep to begin unlocking not only a radical self love but also the ability to show up for others or in a romantic partnership with the capacity to receive and surrender into love.

Tantric Breathwork for Sexual Empowerment & Healing (option to work with a Jade Egg)

This Breathwork process is profound to begin tapping into your sexual aliveness and healing. You will unlock your creativity, cleanse your system of sexual conditioning and shame and call in the qualities you most desire to embody in your sexuality and creative projects.



Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Sex Coach & Host


Adzenture Retreats CoFounder & Host


  • Airfare to Cusco, Peru - Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ)

  • Optional/extra activities you'd like to partake in like painting, Peruvian vegan cooking class and more 

  • Travel Visa to Peru - US & Canadian passport holders do not require visa. Please check for entry/exit requirements based on the passport you hold

  • Travel Insurance (medical & trip cancellation) is mandatory to protect you in case of any unforeseen emergencies. Proof of purchase is required before trip departure.  


A $500 USD Non Refundable initial deposit will secure your spot on the retreat or you may choose to pay in full. The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to the retreat start date.

Please note, our cancellation policy is as follows: 

  • Initial deposits are strictly non refundable.

  • If cancelled 90 days before the Retreat start date, your initial deposit may be transferable to another retreat.  

  • If cancelled 60 days or less prior to the Retreat start date, 100% of the Retreat price is forfeited.

  • If you choose to join the Retreat after the start date or leave the Retreat prior to the end date, full payment of the Retreat price will apply.


Please do not book your flight until you have received a confirmation to do so.  You will be provided with instructions on when to arrive/depart along with travel agent details to assist you with your flight booking (or you may book your flight on your own). 

​An information package will be sent 15 days prior to departure and will include the retreat schedule, recommended packing list and trip details. 



To enter Peru, you must show proof of a negative PCR and/or serology COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to the Retreat.


ALL US air travellers returning to the US need a negative Covid-19 test taken within ONE days of their departing flight.

Please carefully read all of the COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures that will be implemented and we will require you to follow. 

By booking a retreat, you agree to the COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures and Terms & Conditions.


Email us at or see our Frequently Asked Questions​.


deluxe suite double.jpeg

Shared Triple Villa (Women)

Room Description

Your stay in a chakra themed villa (3 separate beds) with private bathroom and mini balcony overlooking mountains.

If you're booking with a friend or partner, please indicate their name on the booking form so we could arrange it accordingly.  

$2,799 USD

per person

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Deluxe Shared Triple Suite (Women)

Room Description

Your stay in a new deluxe suite with 3 single beds, private bathroom, sitting area and balcony overlooking mountains.

If you're booking with a friend or partner, please indicate their name on the booking form so we could arrange it accordingly.  

$2,899 USD

per person

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-13 at 9.03.08 PM.jpeg

Deluxe Shared Double Suite (Women)

Room Description

Your stay in a new deluxe suite with 2 double beds, private bathroom, sitting area and balcony overlooking mountains.

If you're booking with a friend or partner, please indicate their name on the booking form so we could arrange it accordingly.  

$3,099 USD

per person

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-13 at 9.03.08 PM (2).jpeg

Deluxe Single Suite

Room Description

Your stay in a new deluxe suite with 1 queen bed, private bathroom, sitting area and balcony overlooking mountains.

$3,699 USD

per person