Tiffney Houston is a personal trainer and 200 RYT. At the age of 15 Tiffney was 5’9, 250 lbs and on her way to the grave if she didn’t make a change. Sounds dramatic but it was true! She began taking nutrition and weight lifting courses in high school to educate herself on living a well rounded healthy lifestyle. While attending Arizona State University, Tiffney fell in love with group fitness and became an instructor. During her weight loss journey she realized how much she loved helping people change their life by creating a healthy lifestyle. Tiffney went onto start her own business Sunshine Fit Training and although this was a highlight she found that being a business owner was extremely time consuming and stressful. Within 6 months she gained 30 pounds and fell into depression while running a personal training business.



One day, Tiffney started taking yoga classes again and found it to be her life saviour. With her practice, she was able to reduce her anxiety and relieve her depression by being present and living in gratitude for the things she had. Her thoughts became clearer, her focus stronger - she began manifesting the future she wanted! Tiffney furthered her practice by attaining her 200 hour teacher training in Costa Rica and now incorporates yoga in her personal training sessions. She’s lived through the physical and mental blocks one faces when drastically changing their life and is passionate to help and guide her students to do the same.

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May 18 - 23, 2019 - ZENifest Your Dreams Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

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