Stephanie Ottomanelli is a RYT 300 international yoga teacher, certified breathwork guide, contortionist, and flexibility coach whose mission is to share her love and practice for energetic awareness & movement with her students.


Steph offers her students the tools to release physical and emotional obstacles that stem from unconscious patterns in the mind & body, in order to tap into your fullest potential in all areas of your being:

body, mind, and spirit.


With this, pain and discomfort eases, stiff joints loosen, muscles strengthen, balance is found, and fluidity comes intuitively.


Steph has hosted retreats in Costa Rica, teaches workshops & classes in NYC, and offers a variety of online classes available to students all over the world.


She believes in the power of slowing down the mind, becoming the observer within your life & practice in order to shed and grow, connecting with those around you, while loving and accepting yourself with where you are now.


The journey towards your higher self can be one of freedom and flow once you let go of any judgements towards yourself and others. When we connect breath with conscious movement, we’re able to tap into our truth, our power, our freedom, our flow.


Through breathwork, yoga practices, sculpting workouts, and flexibility drills, Steph will be guiding you not only towards your most fit & flexible self, but more importantly, to your peace, joy, & truth.

Instagram: @stephottoyoga