Upcoming Retreats:

May 7 - 14, 2022- Trauma to Tantra Embodiment Retreat in Peru

Stephanie Rae is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Sex Coach. She specializes in working with women who have experienced sexual trauma and not only seek to heal but desire to come into their full radiant sexual power and expression. Blending 20 years of tantric and body-oriented studies with leaders around the world, along with scientific-based Somatic Experiencing is her unique approach to embodiment work and deep, lasting transformations.


Her belief is that every woman has everything within her to birth the life of her dreams. To go from simply surviving and walking through life numb or dissociated, we need to work with not just our nervous systems and our cognitive minds, but our energy systems and our souls too. She deeply desires for every woman to embrace her full, authentic sexuality and step into the magnificent, wild life that is calling for them. 


She is the host of the podcast, Getting Sexy with Steph, runs a Somatic Inner Child Healing group course and facilitates embodiment workshops such as Embodied Breathwork with Cacao, Jade Egg Sexual Healing and Sacred Rage Release. 


Instagram: @stephanieraecoaching