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September 6 - 13, 2020 - Breathe Burn Rise Peru

Hi, I’m Stephanie!

I’m a Transformational and Holistic Life Coach who helps anyone who feels stuck in their patterns, tension, trauma and lives life without direction to begin unleashing the truth of your life. My mission is to help you claim your highest vibrational calling, come alive and feel alive with passion, purpose and in your highest power.  

I’ve been teaching Yoga and Breathwork for 11 years, have been a Reiki Master Teacher for 5 years and am currently practicing and training in Somatic Experiencing for Trauma Therapy and Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release. 


Instagram: @breathe.burn.rise

My Background:

Following a divorce and walking away from the religion that I grew up with in the span of 6 months created an emptiness deep within my soul. I lost my dreams, my life plans and even my spiritual community. I was sitting with the unknown, fear of the future and deep grief and yet I knew it was time to move in a direction because I could feel the energy of my life pulling me in a different direction. So I got quiet. I went to more Yoga Classes and began having Reiki Sessions. I listened. And in the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Reiki (Energy Work) I followed the flow that was carrying me into the life I was always meant to live. 

I became certified at the highest level, Reiki Master Teacher and began taking private clients for energy healing sessions and also to attune them as Practitioners. Combining my practice of Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Energy Work and then sharing these healing modalities with others, it became clear to me that my own healing and truth came from not only practicing these, but by sharing the wisdom I had learned over the past decade of studying.

Years later after a sexual assault, I began to experience deep anxiety, ptsd, panic attacks and depression. I didn’t know how to cope initially so I turned to alcohol and different numbing tactics. When I realized numbing my emotions wasn’t a selective process, you can’t only numb pain and trauma…you numb joy and love in the process, I began to seek out different somatic (body influenced) trauma healing modalities to incorporate along with my weekly talk therapy sessions. 

This lead me to the work of Somatic Experiencing and Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release which began to heal my nervous system, body, adrenals, muscles and at a very deep cellular level I was beginning to unwind and let go. I began to experience more mobility in my body and mind. I felt pleasure once again and I was able to heal wounds and traumas extending back to childhood until present day that I didn’t even know where holding me back. When I incorporated Somatic Healing I began to understand on the deepest level the truth of my life and I got about the business to start living it. I make the decision to step into my full power, potential and begin studying and practicing these two modalities so that I could share this healing and work with others who were looking to unlock the truth of their life through deep healing and transformation.

I received my International Certified Coaching Practitioner License and am currently studying and training in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing for Trauma Therapy as well as Giten Tonkov’s Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release Practitioner Program. These modalities combined with my previous training of Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Reiki Energy Work are where my talent, truth and passion live.I now help women and men to release deep-rooted trauma from their bodies so that they can feel the life force that is calling them to step into their own power and highest truth. We work together to regulate the nervous system and rid chronic pain, ptsd symptoms, anxiety, insomnia and years of toxic shame. 

I firmly believe that it is a fundamental right for everyone to have the opportunity to heal and transform into their highest, truest self. I am  passionate about holding space for others to experience their bodies and heal so that they too can flow into their highest vibrational truth and reignite their passion and purpose for life. 

In my spare time, I am an avid athlete training and competing in numerous Ironman Triathlons, Marathons and other Endurance Sport Events. In the past two years, I have found a passion for Pole Dance fitness and the empowerment it brings to many women. In 2017, I was chosen for and competed on the 36th season of the reality tv show, Survivor. I’m an author with 3 published books, Wonderlust, Heart of the Wild and Clean. I have a passion for inspiring solo female travel and mountain adventuring to women and have traveled over 27 countries, six continents and most recently trekked solo to Everest Base Camp. I am a vegan with a passion for animal and women’s rights.

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