Stacy Patrice is a yogini and multidimensional spiritual awakener from Chicago, internationally presiding as the ‘Global Leader for Self Love & Soul Healing’. With a specialty of stimulating the Soul into this human experience, Stacy blends creative ritual, emotional awareness, spiritual aliveness and bodymind engagement for experiential liberation. Steeped in the sacred, Stacy has facilitated her collective tuning offerings across the world to empower commUNITY who seek the kind of self-mastery that boldly emerges from Stacy’s two and a half decades of mystical and psychospiritual study, practice and translation. As ancient ritual quietly evolves through art & culture, Stacy’s teachings exalt soul consciousness as the predominant guidance system to find ‘home’.


Stacy Patrice’s creative foundations led her to her spiritual base at Moksha Yoga Chicago in 2011 where she completed her classical yoga teacher training after studying with seasoned teachers in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Hatha lineages from around the world. This  connected the dots between art and spirit which birthed her brand of creative intentioned practice, Soul Healing Yoga™. Stacy has since been featured on the cover of Yoga Chicago, has innovated in merging yoga, creativity & healing on Chicago’s Southside collaborating with global light leaders and partnering with the arts-based Rebuild Foundation and is also the author of SOULFLOW: A Soul Healing Workbook for Clearing, Creating and Getting Through.  A teacher’s teacher, spiritual seekers and yoga students alike, accredit Stacy for revealing a more connected existence across categories and intimately inspiring autonomy through the limbs of a current and creative yoga practice.


Instagram: @soulyoginisp

Upcoming Retreats

Sept 1 - 8, 2019 - emBODY SOUL: An Elemental Journey in Soul Healing in Bali