Journaling Your Way To Self Growth

Happy November Adzenture Tribe 🍂

As the year is slowly coming to a close, our team is taking the time to reflect on an incredible year. Celebrating everything from the growth, the highs to the lows, the emotions and the seasons that we have encountered over this period of time. As we prepare for an exciting new year, we acknowledge the importance of reflection - to become more aware of where we stand and how we can get to where we want to be.

Research shows that the act of journaling tends to to evoke mindfulness, boost memory and comprehension, strengthen self discipline and spark creativity and self confidence. For us, journaling has always been a method of healing and growth. On retreats, our participants are encouraged to reflect through writing giving them an opportunity to reconnect with the self, reflect on the moments and gain some perspective for what's to come ahead.

This month, we want to share a few writing prompts to help guide you through a self check-in - whether that is to start a new day on the on a positive note, reflect on the the end of a chapter or guide you through your ever evolving yoga journey.

5 Journal Prompts for Self Reflection

  • 3 Name 3 things that you are grateful for. Try to be as specific as possible.

  • What can you do to make today amazing?

  • What freedom are you grateful to have?

  • Where is my favourite place to go? Why?

  • The words I like to live by are...

5 Journal Prompts For Healing

  • What does balance feel like for you?

  • Name 3 emotions that you are feeling. Push yourself further to see if you can name the thoughts that lay behind these feelings.

  • What does self-care look like for me?

  • What's an important lesson I've learned recently?

  • What am I afraid of? How can I grow and confront those fears head on?

5 Journal Prompts For Your Yoga Practice

  • Why do you practice yoga?

  • Are you focusing on the results? Or on the journey?

  • Describe your energy levels, what has affected them today?

  • What would your body say if it could speak?

  • I feel most energized when...

And there you have it my friends! 15 Journal prompts to help guide growth and healing as we close 2019. As always, if you have any questions please connect with us on IG @adzentureretreats or send us an email at ☺️


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