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Solo travelling can be one of the most terrifying, exhilarating and emotional experiences. Yet, also one of the most rewarding journeys that reap the most growth, spirituality and connection with one's self. We at Adzenture, understand how intimidating and lonely solo-travel may seem - but we've compiled a few reflections from past tribe members who have joined us individually and what their thoughts were on solo travel.



Theres nothing more challenging than loving yourself. so take yourself on that date across the world, eat that meal you’ve never thought to try, and above all else explore yourself as you explore the world around you. learn and play and everything in between with the best company, because getting lost with yourself is a rush that cannot be explained. as you find your way, you begin to find yourself.



I highly recommend solo travel. It is an opportunity to tune in and get to know yourself. I’ve found that with solo travel, there’s no relying on anyone so it gives you a sense of independence and empowerment. You’re not on anyone else’s schedule or interests, so you really get to DO YOU. Also, you’re more inclined to meet new people and make new friends which is always a plus and the best thing is coming home knowing that you had an amazing time and experience and you didn’t need anyone but yourself to do so AKA so much self love.



I recommend solo travel to every single person who has yet to experience it. Traveling solo helps you develop total trust and confidence within yourself to make decisions. Traveling solo allows you to open your eyes and see the world in front of you without the interference of others. You truly get to know yourself better, and learn to love your own company. Once you’ve developed that kind of self love, it will stick with you for the rest of your life.


Sri Lanka

People wait for the time to be right, the stars to be aligned and the bank account to have just enough zeros to justify a vacation. Thus, each person has their own definition of what that “right time” looks like. I learned this a long time ago after years of failed group trips. My first solo trip happened by accident but it changed my mindset about travel. I recommend solo travel because it allows you to be the captain of your ship. You decide the when, where and how. You will make friends along the way. You will meet other travelers. You will share ideas and find solitude if you choose. The beauty of solo travel is each decision is yours.


South Africa

I would absolutely recommend travelling solo!

As much as I love sharing , including my travelling, there is a special dimension to travelling solo. For one thing, it has become so safe and easy nowadays, that you have all the latitude to enjoy the totally stressless freedom you can experience during a solo trip.

Also, the connections you make with people are so wholesome because you can be totally focused on your encounters.

This is especially true on Adzenture retreats because the organizers and teachers are so awesome that they naturally draw wonderful people to bring the best out of them . So, take a leap and enjoy!!!



One reason I love traveling solo is that I always learn something unexpected about myself through exploring a place on my own. It gets me out of my comfort zone which is crucial for next-level growth and discovery. It’s hard to learn new things when you’re too comfortable. I always find that I’m more capable and strong than I give myself credit for day to day when I’m in a new setting. It always feels good to see reminders of that when I’m traveling, exploring, and connecting solo.


Sri Lanka

I am a lone traveler. A lone meaning solo traveler but never lonely. Don’t let fear stop you. Try it! How can I be lonely when: He showed me around his city in Buenos Aires after we met in a hostel in Peru. We met at a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka over a year ago. She told me about her trip to Thailand and I ended up going there for a month by myself. Oh how could I forget about the time I met up with him and we rented a car exploring the south of Italy. That was a good trip. Hmmm, which country did I meet him in again? Yes I talk to strangers. I learned to do that as a lone traveler. Strangers at one point, now true friends close to my heart.


South Africa

Personally, I am a big supporter of solo travel; before starting a family I would often take off by myself and now that my kids are older I’ve started once again to create more opportunities for it.

Self - growth manifests through a mindful exchange of energies and when you willingly explore out of your comfort zone and connect with different, inspiring people magic happens; touring alone for me has always been a time for soul searching and meaningful introspection while having tons of fun.

It’s a powerful experience that will bring new forever friends into your life and will make you better appreciate the moments you spend with your loved ones.


Costa Rica

I wholeheartedly recommend solo travel! When travelling alone, I'm pushed outside my comfort zone without friends and family by my side. I find that this lends me to be more spontaneous and I often meet more people. I love to find a nice restaurant and sit at the bar by myself. I always end up meeting new friends, experiencing more culture, and ultimately expanding my worldview.



Being fully transparent, planning my first international solo travel trip was a little nerve wrecking. I’m use to traveling domestically alone, but hadn’t done it internationally. What made it more nerve wrecking was the fact that I’d have layovers in international airports all alone. But before you start to freak out all over again, I got some good news for you. Adzenture is truly a family company. Those of us who signed up for the trip all immediately contacted each other and it was all an instant connection.

The easy communication made me and of course my parents feel at ease because there was always somewhere you could check in with the crew. So you might be traveling alone, but you’re definitely not alone.

Overall the experience was great. I had time to myself and begin to disconnect from the rest of the world in preparation for my retreat. It was a great way to start manifesting what I wanted to be true for my experience. This was something I was doing for me and no one else so it was okay that I was alone. I would totally do it again (and most likely will) be traveling alone for the next retreat in Egypt. I highly recommend it to everyone! Bring snacks, a book, a journal, your headphones, and an external battery pack and you’re all set!

I hope this answers some of your questions and gives you a sigh of relief. I promise you are in good hands.

So Adzenture family, we encourage you to take the solo leap of faith, the journey will reward you in more ways than you know ❤️ As always if you have any questions about solo travel or joining one of our retreats - you can reach out to us at or DM us @adzentureretreats.

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