Humans of Adzenture

We've been fortunate enough to have incredible people join us on our retreats, from all walks of life - each of us on our own personal journeys in life. It's these human connections that make these retreats what they are and this is a place for us to highlight some of these wonderful humans in hopes that their stories and thoughts inspire you, as they have inspired us.

Sheree Carara

We're so incredibly grateful to start this little segment with Sheree, our very own MS warrior whom we met on our retreat in Sri Lanka this past year. "A few years ago I was a part of a crew and we hung out often. We were solid. Then MS joined the crew through me and slowly I became conscious of my food choices. This made me a bit of an anomaly in the crew. Places that we used to go to were no longer an option for me. I saw them struggling with the new me saying “just a little bit won’t hurt”. I knew they just wanted to relate to me and I also knew they wouldn’t be able to. We eventually stopped being a crew. I love them but our relationship was no longer serving either of us or our purpose... I had to let go. The shift in relationships is known when it’s happening. We feel it. We know it. It was a peaceful transition with dollops of sadness because I was losing my crew. While we are still friends today, it’s different and that’s okay. Now they reach out and ask me for guidance on healthy eating choices. See...things fall into place ❤️. It was not easy or comfortable but that’s a part of the journey. I am blessed to continue to have encounters for a reason, season, lifetime. I’m still learning to accept each role. Awareness is the first step and I constantly work on it. Much love to you, to this encounter happening right now.

Beth Corbley

We were blessed to meet this beautiful soul in Bali last September. "I had gained and lost over 80 lbs, five different times in my post-college life. I would now need to lose at least 175 lbs - and that journey would be difficult. It would be an all-out rumble. But I wasn’t old Beth, I was new Beth, and new Beth wasn’t afraid of a fight. I began working out with a personal trainer four days every week in January 2016. In February 2016, I scheduled my weight loss surgery for May 6, 2016. I successfully dropped 51 lbs and went in for the procedure at 309. One year later, I weighed 204. I have not reached my goal weight yet, but damn I’m proud. Saying how you feel, what you dream, and what you want is hard. Changing how you feel is harder and taking the steps to make the change makes you a hero. Your own hero. Your own hip hop dancing, downward facing dog, world traveling, life living, skinny jean wearing, swimming with shark’s kind of hero. You are cordially invited to join the “Beth-O-Lution”. This is the story of my rebirth. This is my unique journey through a radical transformation mentally, physically and emotionally that has unlocked joy, happiness and a life I could have never dreamed of. " Keep up with Beth's journey on her blog

Adrienne Carter

We got to know Adrienne on our retreat in Bali. We were one of the many stops in her solo travel journey, and in May 2019 she will be joining Tiffney Houston (and us) in Costa Rica to lead a vision board party to manifest your dreams just like she did hers! "I’ve included travel on every one of my vision boards since 2015. In May 2017, I took my first solo trip to Chile and Argentina and I was introduced to people who had taken a break from the “rat race” and decided to travel for an extended period of time. That’s when I started to entertain the possibility to take a break from my career and explore the world. Alone. July 2018, I set out to travel 11 countries across Central America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Initially, taking the leap of faith to quit my job and travel the world for an extended period time was scary. I questioned myself a lot. I went back and forth with my decision but since I had told my friends and family I was going to do it, there was no backing out. At times, the questions from others imposed fear on me. I would become unsure about what I was doing. Letting go of my comfortable, great paying job, nice apartment and luxury car? That does sound crazy! Now that I have completed my four and a half months of travel, it was literally the best decision I have made in my life. I liberated myself and am now able to trust myself more. Traveling the world alone provided me with the space and time I needed to gain clarity. It cultivated a healing experience, and I was able to let go of concerns I had about my life and the direction I was headed. My travel experience will forever be my motivation to dare greatly. Setting out into unknown territory and discovering my ability to not only survive, but to thrive and grow, was life changing!"

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