Yoga Pose of the Month: Fallen Angel

For this month we asked our Social Media and Marketing Director, Amy Stubbs to share one of her favourite poses.

“The Fallen Angel is one of the first poses I was able to master that not only impressed others, but also myself with exactly where my yoga journey had taken me. This was quite early on in my practice, which at that time, didn’t extend much past sun salutations and warriors”.

This pose is a three-point balance, and as such it is a great way to work your way towards two-handed inversions. The majority of the body is also tucked towards the center, making it easier to balance than in an extended three-point balance like a headstand. It does require core strength in addition to being an arm balance. I suggest warming up with some core strengthening poses, chaturanga push-ups, and stretching out the wrists.

  1. Standing sideways on your mat, come down into a squat. Your heels can be lifted here; it will make it easier to lift off later as you have a bit more elevation going in.

  2. Once you have found balance in this squat, bring your hands to one side of you, about shoulder width apart and parallel to either the left or right thigh. Whichever side you go to naturally can be the first side you work on, but don’t forget to at least try it on both sides.

  3. Bring a bit of a bend into your elbows. This will feel similar to setting up for crow, but at your side.

  4. Bring your temple down to the mat between your hands. Making sure you are comfortable here, and not torquing the neck.

  5. Start to shift your legs toward the side where your hands are, keeping them stacked one on top of the other. Bringing your bottom knee (i.e. left leg if your hands are to the left) to rest on your elbow base.

  6. Engage your core to help you achieve liftoff.

  7. Leaving your lower knee on your front elbow for support, extend the top leg towards the sky.

  8. Reach the knee through toe of the bottom leg to meet the one which is extended. Point both feet, reaching the toes upwards.

Try Fallen Angel out for yourself. Take a picture and share it with us on Instagram. While you’re there, leave a comment about what your favourite pose is, it may just be the one we focus on next month!

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