$99 USD

This DIY at home virtual retreat is perfect for anyone looking to release negativity, blocks, fears and anxieties from the comfort of your own home. 

This retreat is filled with some of our favorite teachers. 

We hope you will join us to RELEASE negative emotions, energies, fears and blocks together as a collective. 




 >> 8 Yoga Classes

Honoring You - Vinyasa Flow with Alexzandra Peters (65 mins)

Unleashing your Power Flow with DJ Townsel (60 mins)

Solar Plexus Activation Power Flow with Steph Otto (60 mins)

Yin & Yang Flow with Jenny Clise (60 mins)

Release & Recharge: A healing Yin Yoga Self-Care practice with Alexia Daksha Damini (60 mins)

Intro to Yin Yoga & Releasing Fear by Balancing the Water Element with Chocolako (60 mins)

Body honouring, soul nourishing Yin Yoga with Mikaela Millington (60 mins)

Yoga Nidra to Cultivate Pure Joy with Kelly Smith (45 mins)

 >>  2 Meditations

Steady Release, Steady Restore - A Meditation with Chocolako (10 mins)

Let go + Open up meditation with Kelly Smith (15 mins)

 >>  2 Workshops

The 3 Keys to Fulfillment & Inner Peace Workshop with Purpose Coach Belinda Ngassa (60 mins)


Accelerate your Actualization Workshop with Melissa Moffet (60 mins)


 Retreat Handbook filled with recipes, activities, journaling prompts + more!

 Immune Boosting Guide by Naela Health



We're donating one food basket for every retreat sold to Indigenous communities living in the High Andes of Peru through Per Eso Peru - an NGO working to improve food security, nutrition and health in this region. This organization has been personally recommended to us by Fernando, the owner of Samadhi Sacred Valley - a place where we host our Peru retreats and our second home. We are extremely saddened by how impacted the entire country has been due to Covid and are committed to helping in any way we can. 


Registration is non-refundable. Live component will be recorded via zoom and available for you to practice whenever you'd like. 


Email us at info@adzentureretreatsyoga.com


 $99 USD


Chocolako - Meditation & Yoga Teacher

Steady Release, Steady Restore - Meditation (10 mins)

The intention of this meditation with Chocolako is to help you release all of those things that you so desperately want to control right now.

To surrender into what is and ultimately, to help you reconnect with your true flow.

Intro to Yin Yoga & Releasing Fear by Balancing the Water Element with (60 mins)

This practice includes a quick introduction to Yin Yoga and its benefits. You will begin by setting intention to cultivate a ritual around having meaning and purpose around all aspects of your life and light fluid movements to get into your bodies. Chocolako will then guide you through shapes that target the Kidney and Bladder meridian channels which correspond to the Water Element and the emotion of fear. This practice will allow you to release your fears and anxieties to be fluid with all of the changes that continue to occur in life. 


Alexzandra Peters - Yoga Teacher


Honoring You - Vinyasa Flow (75 mins)

In this vinyasa flow we will build and walk the bridge that connects us to Honor. Honoring who you are, how far you’ve come in your journey  and honoring where you are heading.


Belinda (Bee) Ngassa - Purpose & Life Coach


The 3 Keys to Fulfillment & Inner Peace Workshop

(60 mins) 

Join Bee as she shares the 3 foundational keys to living an expansive, fulfilling life. During this workshop you will get insight into these 3 keys, as well as guided meditations and exercises to help you release what no longer serves you, and embrace your path to inner fulfillment and peace.


You will leave this session feeling lighter, with new hope and vigour, fully equipped with the tools needed to create a life you love to live.


Melissa Moffet - Embodiment & Mindset Coach

Accelerate your Actualization Workshop (60 mins)

Melissa will be guiding you through the process of creating space in your life for fulfillment, purpose, pleasure, and joy. She will empower you to be filled with resilience, confidence, and the kind of calming energy that gets shit done, all from the perspective of alignment, curiosity, detachment, and celebration. You will walk away with a new outlook on your power to create a life that is tapping into your ever evolving potential.


DJ Townsel - Yoga Teacher


Unleashing your Power Flow (60 mins)

Join DJ Townsel as he guides you through a power flow to release stress, anxiety and the feeling of powerlessness. This class will help you to cultivate and lean into your own strength and power to move through life's daily challenges


Alexia Daksha Damini - Yoga Teacher

Release & Recharge: A healing Yin Yoga Self-Care Practice

 This class is designed for you to release accumulated inner distress, fear, restlessness and harmful emotional patterns that block you from recharging and rejuvenating. We will move through a slow Yin sequence including breath work, trigger points, sacred sound & Mantra that will help you activate your immune system and relax your nervous system to open pathways for healing. 


Realign with your intuition and inner guidance- this is the time to anchor deeply within.



Jenny Clise - Yoga Teacher 

Yin & Yang Flow (60 mins)


Yin and Yang represents a duality. Much like two sides of a coin, there are two sides of this practice.  Jenny's Yin Yang class will first take you through a flow to warm up the body, then through a series of deep stretches. By pairing these two practices together, we can develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for what both sides of the proverbial coin have to offer, much like in life.


Mikaela Millington - Yoga Teacher

Body honouring, soul nourishing Yin Yoga (60 mins)


Dive deep into this grounding experience and discover expansion within your physical body as well as presence and ease within your mind. The two go hand in hand. You may be challenged by long holds and deep shapes, but it will give your mind an opportunity to practice awareness of sensation and thoughts that arise. An overall healing practice.


Steph Otto - Yoga Teacher

Solar Plexus Activation Power Flow (60 mins)

​Reclaim your power & activate the fire within you with this 60 minute core strengthening Yoga flow. Together, we’ll use breath, conscious movement, & personal will to set our energy in motion towards our higher selves. Let's take action as we flow, stretch, & dive deep into our core. The powers within you.


Kelly Smith - Meditation & Yoga Teacher and host of Mindful in Minutes podcast

Let go + Open up meditation (15 mins)

Let go of the past and open up to the future with this guided meditation. Join Kelly for a guided meditation that will help you release what you've been holding on to and see the good that is headed your way.

Yoga Nidra to Cultivate Pure Joy (45 mins)

Bring your pillows, blankets, eye pillow and anything else that you want to be cozy for this 45 minute guided yoga nidra practice that is designed to give you the ultimate rest and relaxation. This yoga nidra practice will help you unlock true and all encompassing joy.