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We are the female founders behind Adzenture Retreats and we’re on a mission to bring people together to heal, connect, live in love and joy while travelling the world. 


We curate transformational yoga and wellness retreat experiences around the world in destinations like Bali, Peru, Iceland, Costa Rica, Italy, Egypt, South Africa, Belize, Sedona, Colorado, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Mexico and more!


Our experiences are designed with a blend of adventure and zen (adzenture) to connect you with yourself, nature and other like minded people. We cultivate a safe space, without judgement to be authentically you, unfiltered and raw.

All we ask is that you come with an open mind, as you are; whether this is the start of your wellness journey or you’re a seasoned practitioner, whether you’re celebrating life or grieving, whether you’re in need of a fresh start or a simple reset - make life an adzenture!

The only side effects you’ll feel: deep belly laughs, joy, inspiration, growth, happiness and love - if you allow it in. We’ll be there to guide and hold space for you every step of the way, but ultimately this experience is yours to co-create. 


We hope to connect and make memories with you somewhere in this beautiful world! 

With love,

Azma & Daniela 




Azma is a dreamer, a lover of people, travel, culture, movement, dance and life. She practices love everyday and wants to create a world of love.


Influenced by her parents (community leaders), she found and followed her passion for bringing people together from a very young age.  Before she co-created Adzenture Retreats, Azma completed her undergraduate degree in Hospitality & Tourism and worked for industry leaders like Starwood Hotels (now Marriott) and Expedia Inc. Azma has gained over 12 years of industry experience and has produced a multitude of special events, large conferences, and community events. 


Following a dream of leaving Canada to move back to her childhood home of Sri Lanka, Azma manifested an opportunity to bring this dream into reality while working for Expedia to be part of their startup office on the island. And although life threw in some unexpected lemons, Azma found solace in her yoga practice and in nature while travelling throughout the island and other parts of Asia. A year later, she returned to Canada with another dream of starting a travel company to take people to the island of Sri Lanka! She reunited with her friend and now co-founder Daniela who at the time was doing a YTT and had an idea to host yoga retreats. They combined their two passions of yoga and travel and created Adzenture Retreats. 


Azma is a citizen of the world, and has been on Adzentures to Egypt, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Philippines, Peru, Belize, and most recently lived in Bali. She continues to live in service, and is following her life’s purpose to spread love, because it’s the human way. 

Favourite Travel Moment: The Libra in me can never decide, but here are a few of my favorite moments - Practicing yoga as the sun was rising above the Pyramids of Giza, seeing a Lion on our retreat in South Africa, meditating in Machu Picchu. 

Instagram: @withlove_azma



Daniela has been dreaming of owning her own yoga studio since she completed her first yoga class over a decade ago. In 2012, after 7 years working for a major Canadian bank and quickly climbing the corporate ladder, she quit her job, bought a plane ticket, and began the travels that would shape her now life. After travelling Asia and Europe, she eventually found herself in sunny Sydney, Australia where she spent 3 years exploring the land down under and working in Digital Marketing. Having completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course in Hawaii in 2016, she returned to Toronto in order to kickstart Adzenture Retreats together with Azma (an idea that came to her in a meditation during her teacher training - something they still laugh about to this day). 

"Yoga Teacher Training not only changed my personal practice, but it validated even more how passionate I am about it and how eager I am to help guide others into and through their yoga journey. Yoga is about recognizing and nourishing the light that resides within; it seeps into your bones, your heart, and your soul and over time changes your outlook on life."

Favourite Travel Moment:  "Fresh off my yoga teacher training on Hawaii’s Big Island, feeling more open and spiritually awakened than ever, I rented a car and spent 3 days driving around the entire island alone. There is a peak to the NW side of the island that very quickly moves from rainforest to desert with a very high altitude before descending down into some of the most beautiful beaches (including a green sand beach), right before heading back into an active volcano and back around to the rainforest. My mind was just blown, and Hawaii forever stole a piece of my heart."

Instagram: @dani_elaela


Andrea Bogdanovic - Retreat Coordinator

Born in Serbia and coming to Canada at a very young age, Andrea currently finds herself residing in Toronto, Canada.

As a yoga instructor, she’s always searching for peace within the mind and body; She was aware that this is something she highly values. The moment she was introduced to yoga and meditation, Andrea completely immersed herself in the practise and discovered great benefits. A yogic lifestyle keeps her inspired and gives her the chance to view the world differently; providing her with more perspective. 

Andrea is the Retreat Coordinator and onsite host to ensure a seamless and magical retreat experience! 

“I love to be of service to humans. I get great joy from helping individuals grow into their full potential - whether it's through yoga, meditation, breathing practises, connecting with them, or spreading love!”

Favourite travel moment: It’s difficult to choose! One of the most prominent memories is when I went to Cambodia and spent time in Phnom Penh. Being able to go to the museums and speak to the locals really taught me a lot about the history of Cambodia. It's a beautiful place with wonderfully welcoming people.


Connect with Andrea on:

Instagram: @findingbalanceandrea

Youtube: Finding Balance with Andrea


Bre Martin - Social Media Coordinator & Retreat Coordinator

The beginning of her working career spent in luxury retail and visual merchandising, Bre has always had a love for curating experiences for  people to have — stemming all the way back to childhood and constantly rearranging her bedroom furniture to “freshen the feeling of the space”. 

This love for creating moments of experience has trickled its way into every avenue of work she’s ventured through — becoming a yoga teacher, a holistic health copywriter, and now serving our tribe as our social media coordinator and retreat facilitator. 


One of the things that has drawn her to these avenues of healing/personal pursuit is the inner desire to share holistic remedies and ways of living with the masses. With all of her yoga teaching done so in a trauma-informed way, teaching in places like local jails and recovery centers, Bre is always continuing to be of service and hold space for others to have their own experiences. 

Living in the small state of New Hampshire where she was born, you’ll find Bre running her own copywriting agency, exploring with a camera in hand, or on a walk with her pup.

Favorite Travel Moment: I was in Egypt with ADzenTURE, and this was my first time leaving the United States. I went on this journey without knowing anyone else in the group, and we happened to be there during my birthday. On the evening of, we had nestled into the village where we were staying, and I thought we were heading out to dinner. To my surprise there was a long wooden table FILLED with delicious desserts, lights, flowers, candles, and so much intention behind every detail. Everyone in our group and everyone living on the property we were staying in all gathered around as they sang happy birthday to me. The level of connection I felt to these former strangers was surreal, and it’s a moment I’ll never forget.


Connect with Bre on:

Instagram: @_bremartin

Website: https://www.breanamartin.com/