Melissa is an embodiment and mindset teacher who geeks out on everything money and career mindset. She owes her success to the 10+ years daily dedication to intentional healing and growth work. She studies and practices yoga philosophy, buddhism, meditation, pleasure and joy, money mindset, embodiment, manifestation, and service daily. Concepts from these incredible practices surface in her teachings. She has 7+ courses on meditation, growth, habits, money expansion, relationships, and career fulfillment. Her signature course and community, WORTHY, has guided over 100 women from around the world and equipped them with the tools to feel consistently aligned and confident. Melissa has built a community of over 52 thousand on social media through service based content and the intention to connect with depth, and thousands of people across 60+ countries that listen to my podcast, Air & Earth, which is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and her website.


Instagram: @melissa.moffet