Janice is a 500-hr certified international yoga/movement instructor.   As a teacher, her goal is to empower her students by illuminating their self discovery.  Her methods draw from a variety of yoga disciplines and movement techniques to deliver intelligently and creatively sequenced flows that transform not only the physical self, but also the mental and emotional pillars of the self.  


She first found the benefits of a spiritual practice back in 2007 while struggling against anorexia, depression, self-harm, and anger.  It was through the yoga’s spiritual and mental practices that she reclaimed happiness and transformed her patterns of thought from negative to positive.  And from this joy came her passion for teaching and guiding others to the same discovery and self love - that they CAN and they ARE possibility.


Her classes strive to facilitate the mind-body connection through breath and mindful movement while providing space for students to explore their inner-self on a deeper level.  Her creative sequencing is designed to strengthen, soften, challenge, and transform not only the physical body, but also the mind. She strongly believes that the physical practice of asana (a sort of moving meditation) translates into practices of mental and emotional wellbeing - that self-empowerment can be found through dynamic synchronicity between breath, body, and mind.

Website: www.janiceliou.com

Instagram: @janiceliou

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