Dominick Cole has 600 hours of yoga teacher training, has practiced AcroYoga for over 4 years, and has an in depth personal study in nervous system functioning and human anatomy. He teaches yoga, AcroYoga classes and private lessons with the passion to bring a deeper understanding of mind and body awareness to his students. Dominick is a trauma-informed yoga practitioner who believes that healing trauma comes from the body-mind connection. With this belief, he teaches students to enable communication around what they experience by tapping into physical senses and emotions throughout the practice. His personal practice of yoga, AcroYoga, and touch therapeutics has developed his intuition to locate stuck energy in the body and mind. Dominick’s mission in sharing his knowledge is to assist others in becoming the teachers of their own senses in the hopes toward self-empowerment of releasing stuck energy and finding healing.


Instagram: @domdoesyoga

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Oct 2 - 9, 2019 - Art of Mindful Living in Belize

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