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Chocolako’s mission is to unify many hearts, and walk in many shoes, and she does this daily by waking up with two goals: 1) less force and 2) more love flow. 


Over 20 years, she serves as a spiritual guide to athletes, celebrities, professionals and artists. She is devoted to unifying all parts of soulful awakenings and the elevation of human consciousness. Her school, Yoga Innergy, helps people navigate breakdowns and breakthrough in a way that feels fulfilling and victorious. Limiting beliefs, trauma and anxiety are dismantled through the facilitation of world renowned courses, workshops, retreats, and yoga teacher training.


Chocolako is also a Chocolate Connoisseur working with the potency of cacao to conduct Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, virtually and in person. You can find her often creating new recipes for her upcoming launch Chocolako Chocolates. 


Connect with yogainnergy.com  and @Chocolako on all social media platforms for more details about courses, retreats and coaching programs.