Healing From Chronic Lyme

For over half of my life I have unknowingly struggled with Chronic Lyme Disease. This illness has dramatically diminished my health, both mentally & physically. After years and years of debilitating mystery symptoms, I finally discovered the true cause of my ailments JUST this year. As you’ll discover, I have been embarking on my own health journey for almost a decade. Becoming empowered with my intuitive insight, research and integrative healing protocols. I am a firm believer that everything we are given in this lifetime, happens FOR US and not TO US. Living with Chronic Lyme Disease has shown me my resiliency and physical strength. It has led me to my passion in working with others to hea

Keep It Simple with Melissa Moffet

Melissa Moffet is a mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and dance educator who teaches clients, classes, workshops, and retreats around the world. Through her online mindfulness and meditation courses, her podcast, Air & Earth, and her in person classes, Melissa inspires her community to trust the flow of life and to love boldly while living with integrity and using their gifts and resources to benefit others and the earth. Today, we're sharing one of our personal favourite episodes from Air & Earth - Keep It Simple. Melissa talks about her experience in creating simplicity in her own life and how to welcome more ease into yours. Here's a little breakdown on how to create simplicity in your life:

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