Yoga Pose of the Month: Fallen Angel

For this month we asked our Social Media and Marketing Director, Amy Stubbs to share one of her favourite poses. “The Fallen Angel is one of the first poses I was able to master that not only impressed others, but also myself with exactly where my yoga journey had taken me. This was quite early on in my practice, which at that time, didn’t extend much past sun salutations and warriors”. This pose is a three-point balance, and as such it is a great way to work your way towards two-handed inversions. The majority of the body is also tucked towards the center, making it easier to balance than in an extended three-point balance like a headstand. It does require core strength in addition to being

First Time Leading a Yoga Retreat, a Q&A Session with Kassandra Reinhardt

Leading your first yoga retreat can be a giant leap of faith. But it is a leap well worth taking. A yoga teacher looking to make the jump, can look to those who have already taken the plunge to share their stories of struggles, triumphs and overall personal experience. We asked one of the leading online yin yoga instructors, Kassandra Reinhardt, to answer some questions about her experience leading up to and during her very first yoga retreat this past summer. Why did you decide to host a yoga retreat? Since I mainly teach yoga online, hosting retreats around the world allows me to meet some of my students in-person! Retreats are a great opportunity for me to connect with my audience on a de

What to Expect Hosting a Retreat?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with ideas when planning your first retreat. This is mainly because hosting a retreat is like running a small business. To understand what’s involved, we have broken the process down into three major categories. 1. Logistics Choose a destination. There are so many beautiful locations around the world, pick the one that resonates most with you (and somewhere your students will want to travel to). Then find a venue able to accommodate your must haves (rooms for a specific number of guests, a space to practice yoga, proximity to excursions, access to airport, etc). Decide when to host the retreat. The season, weather, and availability will all be important factors

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