Andrea Bogdanovic - Retreat Coordinator

Born in Serbia and coming to Canada at a very young age, Andrea currently finds herself residing in Toronto, Canada.

As a yoga instructor, she’s always searching for peace within the mind and body; She was aware that this is something she highly values. The moment she was introduced to yoga and meditation, Andrea completely immersed herself in the practise and discovered great benefits. A yogic lifestyle keeps her inspired and gives her the chance to view the world differently; providing her with more perspective. 

Andrea is the Retreat Coordinator and onsite host to ensure a seamless and magical retreat experience! 

“I love to be of service to humans. I get great joy from helping individuals grow into their full potential - whether it's through yoga, meditation, breathing practises, connecting with them, or spreading love!”

Favourite travel moment: It’s difficult to choose! One of the most prominent memories is when I went to Cambodia and spent time in Phnom Penh. Being able to go to the museums and speak to the locals really taught me a lot about the history of Cambodia. It's a beautiful place with wonderfully welcoming people.


Connect with Andrea on:

Instagram: @findingbalanceandrea

Youtube: Finding Balance with Andrea