Yoga Teacher, Spiritual, and Reiki Healer Alexzandra Peters is a vessel to help others find self-care, self-worth & self-love within themselves through Yoga, Meditation, Wellness Retreats & Plant Medicine. She helps you do the hard work-- the really hard work, the emotional and physical work to grow, let go and be vulnerable enough to open up and receive life's abundance and confidence to grow forward.

Filled with anxiety, depression, and turning to substance abuse, Alexzandra found Yoga at a perfect time in her life. Through her practice she found her way back to herself and picked up the broken pieces. Immediately she knew that she wanted to help guide others home to themselves and help create a space for her students to honor who they are. Alexzandra’s teachings are emotional with emphasis on bringing your sh!t  to the mat and working through it in your body and breath, rather than leaving it all at the door, as well as having fun. Her style is unique, fun, and challenging. In her classes, expect to work, sweat, play, laugh and grow and leave with a deeper understanding, connection and love for your Self.


Instagram: @alexzandrapeters

Upcoming Retreats

July 24 - 27, 2022 - The Homecoming Yoga Retreat Montana